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Bienvenidos a Ciudad Acuña. Event Calendar for October-November 2008.  






Veracruz Cultural Week
City Gymnasium "José de las Fuentes Rodríguez "
July 11-19 2008

Fishing Tournament "Club de Pesca Acuna"
Amistad Lake July 19 2008

For a complete calendar of cultural events in Ciudad Acuña visit


Rodeo Crazy Bull
Lienzo Charro Potrero (Carolina Maquiladora)
$80 door $ 100. kids 20.00 MXN Pesos
August 16 2008 7:00 p.m.

Chaparral Rodeo Disco : Grupo Pesado - La Leyenda
August 16 2008 9:00 p.m. Cover Charge.

Fishing Tournament
Lake Amistad "Club Amistad"
August 17 2008

"Subele" Music Festival
Banda Kañon, La segunda Era, Complot, Moviento aliado
August 21 2008 6 p.m. Soriana Parking lot



Independence Day
Sept. 15 2008
Main Plaza Ciudad Acuna

Wrestling in Ciudad Acuna-Fund raising event
CWF Wrestlers
Sept. 26-27 2008 7 p.m. $ 10.00 pesos
City Gymnasium "José de las Fuentes Rodríguez "


11th Ports to Plains Conference
Del Rio, TX / Ciudad Acuna, Coa. ( R&L Banquet&Covention Center)
Oct. 1-3 2008
For more details visit their official website

II Latin American Basketball Tournament
Club de Amigos del Básquetbol A.C.
New Orleans, Houston, El Paso, San Angelo,
Austin, San Antonio, Del Rio and Acuna.
Oct. 3-5 2008   Opening Match Oct. 3   7:30 p.m (JFR)
City Gymnasium "José de las Fuentes Rodríguez "
                         "José López Portillo" (International Bridge)

Boxing Event
Oct. 10 2008    7:00 p.m.
Gentlemen 50.00    Ladies 25.00 (Pesos)    Children free.
City Gym "Lopez Portillo"

La Historia del Tigre Monologue - Bruno Bichir
Oct. 13 2008    6:30 p.m.  and   8:30 p.m.
Students 80.00    Chamber Members 120.00    Regular Price 150.00 (Pesos)
Seccion 38 Theatre



Vaqueros Peewee Football Season Games
A= Away Home= H    Campo Vaqueros - Braulio Fernandez Park

Oct. 5     Aguilas       vs    Vaqueros (A)
Oct. 12   Vaqueros    vs    Cardenales (H)
Oct. 19   Gigantes      vs    Vaqueros (A)
Oct. 26   Vaqueros    vs    Cougars (H)

Halloween Costume Contest
Evaristo Perez Theatre
Oct. 30 2008
Prize 3000.00 Pesos

Halloween Weekend
Hidalgo Street Bar and Clubs
Oct. 31 2008



11th Annual International Cabalgata "Acuna-San Carlos"
Nov. 1 2008
Meeting point : Estacion Cuarentenaria 7:30 a.m. Acuna, Coa.
Finishing point : "Hermanos Lozano" Ranch 1:30 p.m. San Carlos, Coa

Vaudeville Theatre Play
Zapping (Argentina)
Nov. 6   2008    8:00 p.m.
Theatre "Evaristo Perez Arreola"

Gigant Insect Machines in motion(Insectes) - Street Show
Sarruga Productions (Espana)
Nov. 8   2008    8:00 p.m
Gutierrez Cedros Parking lot

3rd National Black Bass Tournament
Asociación Estatal de Pesca Deportiva
Nov. 8-9 2008
Lake Amistad, Ciudad Acuña

Caritas Annual Christmas Bazaar
Nov. 14-15   2008
R&L Banquet&Covention Center, Ciudad Acuña.Coa.

Sonora Dinamita - Sonora Tropicana in Concert
Nov. 15   2008   9:00 p.m.  $80.00 Presale tickets  $100.00 at door (Pesos)
Chaparral Disco Rodeo, Ciudad Acuña.

Drag Racing 1/4 mile
Nov. 16   9:00 a.m.
Race Track "Autodromo Disa" $ 30.00 Pesos


Vaqueros Peewee Football Season Games
A= Away Home= H    Campo Vaqueros - Braulio Fernandez Park

Nov.2     Coyotes      vs     Vaqueros (A)
Nov. 9    Vaqueros    vs     Venados (H)
Nov. 16  Armadillos   vs     Vaqueros (A)
Nov. 23   bye week

Drag Racing 1/4 mile in Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico





Have you heard of the unique, traditional, southern Mexican state of Oaxaca? It’s famous for its blend of indigenous cultures, artisan handcrafts, and delicious, mouth-watering cuisine. There is no need to travel far but just across the border to the Plaza in downtown Acuña.  
Wrapping up the weekend of June 7th and 8th, Oaxacan artists, chefs, and shopkeepers line the western edge of the Plaza to sell their pieces of Mexican tradition. This is a fantastic opportunity to try Oaxacan quesillo, a mild, salty cheese that is a hundred times better than the mozzarella-style “Oaxacan” cheese sold in local grocery stores. Looking for clothing and pottery? Traditional cotton shirts, blouses, and dresses from Mitla are colorfully displayed along with black pottery from San Bartolo Coyotepec. If you’re hungry, wow, this is the place to be: Crema de Mezcal, a liquor taken in shots with many different flavors (orange, nut); Nieves de Oaxaca, Oaxacan ice cream in fruit, nut and liquor flavors; tlayudas, a large tortilla toasted with a layer of black beans, quesillo, and tasajo: tasty beef grilled to perfection.  
For a must-see Sunday night, attend the Guelagetza in the Plaza at 7 p.m.. The Oaxacan Guelagetza is a colorful, visual phenomenon of dance and culture. Each region within the state has its own traditional dance, dress and music to dazzle your eyes and ears.  
Stop by and see what all the Oaxacan fuss is about! 


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